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01/03/16 - The rough cut for the 1st episode of the Iron Horses TV series, which focuses on the positive aspects of the biker lifestyle, and features Maher "Big Daddy" Rabbani and the bikes he builds at the Strokerz custom motorcycle shop in Abu Dhabi, has been completed.

10/07/15 - The sizzle for our TV series about the positive aspects of motorcycle club life has been completed, and filming for the movie about Edward's life continues this month in Dubai.

09/28/15 - Edward's 11th book, The Blue And Silver Shark: A Biker's Story (Book 5 in the Series) has been completed, and is scheduled to be released worldwide on December 10th.

09/15/15 - The free Blockhead City app is now available to download on all Android, Apple (IOS), and Amazon mobile devices worldwide.